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  1. Article Drip Robot: Monthly Subscription ($15.95) This is a special offer.
    Drip Unique Articles to Most Top Article Sites.

    You can use unlimited accounts on article sites, submit unlimited number of articles for unlimited websites. You decide when to submit, which article site submit to, what article to submit, and which login to use for the submission.

    It also has a text rotation feature which can create unique version articles for each article site. You can even use unique articles created by other software, and let Article Drip Robot choose it randomly. You do not have to worry about 'duplication penalty' any more.

    It even includes a registration tool which helps you create account on each article site easily. It will load the registration page and fill in your information, you only need confirm the information and click one button.

    This is a Special Offer for Monthly subscription $15.95/month. It is a 40% off the Regular price, which is $24.95/month.

    This is a Special Offer.

  2. Article Drip Robot: Quarterly Subscription ($38.85) Same as above.

    This is a Special Offer for Quarterly subscription ($12.95/month X 3 = $38.85/quarter). It is a 48% off of the Regular price, which is $24.95/month x 3 = $74.85/quarter.

    This is a Special Offer.

  3. Article Drip Robot: Yearly Subscription ($131.40) Same as above.

    This is a Special Offer for Yearly subscription $10.95/month X 12 = $131.40/year. It is a 56% off of the the Regular price, which is $24.95/month x 12 = $299.40/year.

    This is a Special Offer.

  4. Article Drip Robot: One-Time ($197.10) Same as above.

    This is a Special Offer for One-Time Payment, $197.10. You will not be charged any more. Free for all future update.

    This is a Special Offer.

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